EIEEA Awards

Annual Excellence in Community Environmental Education and Outreach Awards

The awards are presented to organizations and individuals who have consistently supported environmental education programs and community events that promote environmental stewardship and resource conservation in eastern Idaho.

2017 Awards

The 2017 recipients of the EIEEA Excellence Award are:

  • Carr Foundation
  • Town and Country Gardens
  • Master Gardeners of Bonneville County

2015 Awards

The 2015 recipients of the EIEEA Excellence Award are:

  • Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
  • Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Joe Timchak, Compass Academy
  • Laron Johnson, Rigby Environmental Field Class

2014 Awards

The 2014 recipients of the EIEEA Excellence Award are:

  • Julie Abbott, Rimrock Elementary
  • Western Recycling
  • Snake River Auduban Society of Eatern Idaho

2013 Awards

The 2013 recipients of the EIEEA Excellence Award are:

  • Mike Winston and Jerry Petty, Shelley School District
  • Portage
  • Downtown Rotary Club

2012 Awards

The 2012 recipients of the 2012 EIEEA Excellence Award are local educator Zoe Jorgensen, Idaho Falls Power, , E-Cyclers, and Erika Alderete former president of the Ben and Jerry’s Club

Zoe Jorgensen is currently the spectrum teacher 3-6th grades at Bush Elementary? Zoe Jorgensen’s educational philosophy is simple, but effective: “the bigger the mess, the more you learn!” In 29 years of teaching at Bush Elementary, she has found that the best way to teach science is not out of books, but actually doing it hands-on. Zoe educational experiences benefit many organizations in the community. For nearly 10 years, she has worked with the Museum of Idaho developing educational components for their displays, workshops for teachers, and scavenger hunts and study guides for students. Five years ago, Zoe was asked to help design and teach the museum’s Junior Rocky Mountain Adventure Camp. Here, she has enjoyed encouraging kids to experience natural environments by getting their hands dirty playing with bugs and worms and making art from recycled materials. Zoe believes that the Museum of Idaho’s development of the Maeck Education Center, as well as Discovery Day programs, Rocky Mountain Adventure Camps, and the summer continuing education courses for teachers has gone a long way to build a strong bond between the Museum of Idaho and local educators. As a professional educator, Zoe feels it is important to share her knowledge and experience with others in the field of education. She teaches in-service classes for teachers to help them enhance their science instruction, and also teaches pre-service classes for Idaho State University, promoting the idea of interactive science to upcoming teachers.

Idaho Falls Power has a long History in our city – with it’s beginnings in 1900. With it’s four low-head power plants, Idaho Falls Power meets 30% of the power requirements for Idaho Falls residents with the power of the Snake River. As a result, City residents enjoy among the lowest power rates in the nation. Renewable energy is one thing, how Idaho Falls Power has worked to build our community is what sets them apart, though education, energy conservation, safety and recycling programs, and support for community issues. I became aware of Idaho Falls Power’s commitment to education through their support of our Water festival event, with the Gem state hydro plant tour being one of the most popular stations for our 5th and 6th grade audience. Their facility was designed with facilitating tours in mind, and Doug McGriffin would love to give anyone a tour. But this just scratches the surface of Idaho Falls Power’s education efforts. Participating in Energy regional energy conservation through rebates low/zero interest loans, free energy audits for residential and commercial customers, partnering with area highschools and the INL Center for advanced Energy Studies (CAES) to light up young minds on the possibilities. Idaho falls power is proud of their Energy Center exhibit, where you’ll be invited to learn about electrical general, conservation and safety – Idaho Falls style, and maybe you’ll be invited to ride to ride the bike and generate your own energy.

Erika Alderete is the former president of the Ben and Jerry’s Club. Erika Alderete has been involved in multiple aspects. As a member and the president of the Ben & Jerry’s Environmental Club at Idaho Falls High School, she spearheaded a school-wide recycling program and organized a habitat restoration project for a fire-devastated area. Erika volunteered at Tautphaus Park Zoo for three years with the Junior Zoo Crew program helping to care for the animals and teaching the visitors about the importance of the animals and conservation efforts around the world. This summer, she is an avian intern at the Zoo, working with many of the Zoo’s bird species, including the African Black-footed Penguins. During the past year, Erika has worked with the Laramie Raptor Refuge and the Laramie Rivers Conservation District with going to college at the University of Wyoming. Erika is a responsible and dedicated person, going above and beyond the call of duty in the volunteer world. Something we can emphasize with respect to Erika is that to grow leaders we must continue to create and support opportunities for them.

2011 Awards

The 2011 recipients of the 2011 EIEEA Excellence Award are local educator Julie Abbott, E-Cyclers, The Museum of Idaho, and East Side/West Side Soil and Water Conservation District.

Julie Abbott is currently a fourth grade teacher at Rimrock Elementary in Ammon. Julie shares her passion for the natural wonders around us with her students, encouraging them to gain an understanding of these wonders through understanding the science of how things work.

E-Cyclers is the result of a local company seeing a need, looking for a solution and not finding it, deciding to be the solution. They set out to come up with a better local solution to deal with one of the fastest growing waste types today, electronic waste.

The Museum of Idaho is honored for its outstanding contributions to, and tireless efforts for, the students and adults of southeastern Idaho. Countless hours of work from Executive Director David Pennock, the Museum's Educators, and the Museum staff and volunteers have made the Museum of Idaho valuable community education center.

The East Side and West Side Soil and Water Conservation Districts are the local expression of the National Resources Conservation Service, The East Side and West Side Soil and Water Conservation District's mission is to provide local landowners with the tools to best care for our most precious resources; our soil and water.


2010 Awards

The 2010 recipients of the EIEEA award are CH2M-WG Idaho, Battelle Energy Alliance, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project, and Idaho Fish and Game Regional Conservation Educator, Greg Losinski.


2009 Awards

The 2009 recipients of the EIEEA award are the City of Idaho Falls, the Post Register and Newspapers in Education, S. M. Stoller Corp., the Tautphaus Park Zoo, and the Department of Energy-Idaho Operations Office.