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Eastern Idaho Environmental Education Association (EIEEA) is a nonprofit organization of professionals from government and private industry whose mission is to promote environmental stewardship and resource conservation in eastern Idaho.

The eastern Idaho landscape is unsurpassed in all of North America. Bordered on the west by the stark, barren lava flows and sagebrush of the Snake River Plain, to the east by the rugged Teton Range, and on the north by the spectacular Yellowstone Plateau, eastern Idaho provides a dynamic blend of outdoor recreational opportunities, rich cultural history, and economic vibrancy. The vision of EIEEA is to assist individuals and businesses discover the personal, economic, and community benefits of environmental stewardship in this rich natural setting.

Eastern Idaho Environmental Education Association
P. O. Box 2572
Idaho Falls, ID   83403-2572

EIEEA brochure

The Eastern Idaho Environmental Education Association (EIEEA) is committed to conservation and preservation of natural resources, and promoting environmental education throughout Eastern Idaho.